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ISSN No. :1311-0829
Journal Title :Proceedings of the Technical University of Sofia
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Publisher Name :Prof. Valeri Mladenov
Country :Bulgaria
Language :English
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :Technical University of Sofia
Frequency :Quarterly
Start Year :2005
Journal Description :The collection of scientific works “Proceedings of the TU – Sofia”, called for short Proceedings is the successor of the published more than seven decades of scientific collections of the Technical University of Sofia (TU-Sofia), named successively “Annual Proceedings of the Technical University” and “Notes of the Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering – Sofia” (ISSN 0374-342X). By decision of the Rectors' Council of March 20, 1995, its name was defined as “Proceedings of the Technical University of Sofia”. The Proceedings is the representative scientific journal of TU - Sofia, which reflects the achievements in the university science development. It enables the dissemination and exchange of academic knowledge and contributes to the increase of the efficiency in the research. As a Bulgarian scientific edition with ISSN 1311-0829, it is included in the world system for referencing, indexing, evaluation, and databases of world-famous informational centers STN (Scientific and Technical Information Network). The Proceedings journal has a website that is part of the website of the Technical University - Sofia. The Proceedings is fully electronic published in English. One or more issues per volume are published each year and contain research papers in the fields of technical sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, informatics, economics and pedagogy, submitted during the previous year. A limited number of printed editions are sent to our and foreign contractors for reference purposes. The Proceedings is published by the Editorial Board consisting of the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Members and Associate editors for the various thematic areas, and Technical Secretary-Organizer. Honorary Editor-in-Chief is the Rector of the Technical University - Sofia. The Editorial Board settles all scientific, publishing, organizational, and technical issues related to the publication of the Proceedings approves the reviewers of the papers and performs the scientific, stylistic, and linguistic editing of the submitted manuscripts.
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