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ISSN No. :1698-7799
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Publisher Name :None
Country :SPAIN
Language :Spanish; English; Italian; Portuguese; French
Discipline :EDUCATION
Organization Name :FahrenHouse
Frequency :Yearly
Start Year :2003
Journal Description :Foro de Educación is an open-access scientific journal published by FahrenHouse (Salamanca, Spain), devoted to educational research and writing, irrespective of their time, space, field of study or speciality, exclusively under blind-peer review, completely open and independent, and introducing original essays in a wide range of languages, including Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, French and German. Foro de Educación was born as a meeting point for Science and intellectual thinking, as a main square for bringing educational research to life, as well as its current political, cultural and social ingredients. Inaddition, it is equally conceived to become a place for reflection upon education and culture, where criticism, reasoning and study intermingle as an attempt to improve education and society, making them, if possible, freer, fairer and more supportive. Foro de Educación is mainly aimed at researchers, scholars and university teachers committed to any aspect regarding Education Science, whatever time, space, approach, viewpoint or methodology. Foro de Educación has been an annual volume since 2003 and consists of one or two issues, depending on the publishing needs or interests. Each volume is generally divided into four sections: monograph, studies, interview and recensions.
Licence Type :CC-BY-NC-ND
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