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ISSN No. :1852-7175
Journal Title :Revista Transporte y Territorio
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Publisher Name :Alejandro Benedetti
Country :Argentina
Language :Spanish, Portuguese
Discipline :Interdiciplinary
Organization Name :Universidad de Buenos Aires. Instituto de Geografía Romualdo Ardissone. Programa Transporte y Territorio
Frequency :Biannual
Start Year :2009
Journal Description :The Magazine Transportation and Territory (RTT) is an electronic publication, half-yearly, that is disseminated free of charge, exclusively through the Internet. It is designed and edited by the members of the Transportation and Territory Program of the Geography Institute "Dr. Romualdo Ardissone", Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires. Conceived as a pluri and interdisciplinary publication, it is primarily aimed at the Argentinean and Ibero-American academic public, but is also open to the reception of works and proposals from readers from other geographical or sectorial areas (business, civil society organizations, political decision makers, etc.). The journal invites the dissemination of empirical and theoretical research to address territorial issues, in connection with processes of mobility, circulation, transportation, migration and displacement, encouraging critical thinking. It should be noted that this is not a magazine on technical transport issues, which address such specific issues as materials for road construction or efficiency in the energy consumption of vehicles, but social studies on transport and / or the mobilities, and the ways in which they are associated with different spatial or territorial themes. The RTT opens up as a space for the circulation of theoretical-methodological reflections, empirical records, research advances, experiences of intervention and planning, and methodological developments that link issues related to transport and territory, considering these categories broadly. In this sense it is worth mentioning that the territory concept is susceptible of diverse interpretations: traditionally considered as a means or jurisdiction, it is today preferably conceived from a relational perspective, as a process of institutionalization, as a lived space, as a used space or as a methodological matrix. It is a category in the process of constant revision, resignification and incorporation into different fields of scientific knowledge. The objective is to achieve a contribution in line with the current scientific demands of the university and professional community, from the social, economic, political, cultural and environmental, calling the debate of ideas from diverse disciplinary viewpoints and with plural conceptual frameworks. Each issue of the magazine is composed of three main sections: -Thematic dossier. This section gathers articles under the same thematic, spatial or problematic coverage, coordinated by one or more professionals recognized in their specialty, invited by the Editorial Committee. They will be in charge of inviting the authors who will compose the dossier and of writing an article that will serve as a presentation. -Free articles. Contributions will be included freely sent, whose reception is open permanently. -Reviews, opinions, bibliographic reviews, as well as announcements or notes on academic or other events, related to the theme of the publication.
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