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ISSN No. :2356-6388
Journal Title :Journal of Basic and Environmental Sciences.
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Publisher Name :Ali Yousry
Country :Egypt
Language :English
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :Menoufia University in Egypt
Frequency :Weekly
Start Year :2020
Journal Description :Sedimentary phosphate deposits are the most important phosphorus source in Egypt. Most of these deposits having complex chemical and mineralogical compositions. The beneficiation of phosphate deposits containing carbonate and silicate gangues by conventional techniques such as physical separation methods or flotation is very difficult due to the similarities in physico-chemical properties of constituent minerals present in the system. The low-grade sedimentary phosphate deposits, abundant in silicate and carbonate gangue minerals, exhibits a poor processability. Sesame oil has been proved to be an efficient collector for achieving ambient temperature flotation of the sedimentary phosphate deposits used in this study, instead of high-cost reagents, which are usually made abroad. The direct froth flotation was investigated to technique has been adopted to upgrade the East Sebaiya phosphate deposits to ascertain the excellent collecting performance of sesame oil which would impart a good level of hydrophobicity to calcite. Prior to flotation experiments, a feed flotation was prepared by washing and desliming operations to eliminate fine materials. In flotation experiments, the effect of the parameters, collector (sesame oil) quantity, silica and calcite depressor (cornstarch) quantity, particle size, pH of the pulp, air superficial velocity, pulp temperature and flotation time were investigated. Consequently, a required high quality of phosphate concentrates containing 32.77% P2O5 was obtained, with a recovery of 94.7% from a feed sample containing about 23.48% P2O5 and 44.84% CaO. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the flotation products confirmed that the majority of silicate and carbonate gangues were effectively removed from the concentrate.
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