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ISSN No. :2675-1933
Journal Title :Pesquisa e Ensino
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Publisher Name :André Pereira da Costa
Country :Brazil
Language :Portuguese, Spanish, English or French.
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia
Frequency :Annual
Start Year :2020
Journal Description :— FOCUS AND SCOPE — Pesquisa e Ensino is a scientific journal of the Federal University of Western Bahia (Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia - UFOB), Brazil, edited by the Graduate Program in Teaching (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ensino - PPGE). It is a non-profitable, international peer-reviewed journal committed to disseminate unpublished works. The journal welcome articles whose contents are of interest to the scholars of various themes related to the processes of teaching, identity and school culture. The journal also publishes translations and interviews. Thus, the research lines of the journal are aligned with those of PPGE: a) teaching, teacher training and pedagogical practice; b) teaching, memory and identity. In this way, Pesquisa e Ensino is interested in: investigations that focus on theoretical and methodological conceptions about teaching and teacher education in the scope of Basic Education and Higher Education; studies on pedagogical practices, identifying challenges and possibilities for innovations in teaching and learning processes in different areas of knowledge; research studies studying theoretical-methodological approaches to teaching, memory and identity and their interrelations with learning processes in the school context, as well as contemporary discussions about curriculum, culture and society. The project prioritizes scientific articles on Teaching area that have never been published in Brazil and abroad, and articles that engage a conversation between this area, Education and other correlated areas. We accept articles that present results of empirical or theoretical research and critical, systematic and integrative reviews of scientific and academic papers. Texts can be written in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French. Moreover, according to our Editorial Council's criteria, the journal publishes dossiers focused on reviewing specific areas and/or analyzing emerging issues about educational research. — PEER REVIEW PROCESS — All papers submitted for publication will be sent to two or more members either of the Advisor Board or a Committee of ad hoc Representatives. The choice of reviewers are made at the discretion of the editor who take into account the approach of the article, the specific technical competence of the reviewers and absences of conflicts of interest. The evaluation is done by pairs, using a double-blind format, and can result in three situations: Accept (publication as presented); Revision required (with adjustments); and Reject (refusal to post). When submitting articles, the authors will be contacted after evaluation, and will be informed about the final decision regarding the text submitted and the process for publication. The Editor will issue an official notice (letter or specific electronic message) only when the submitted article has already processed and received definitive opinions (approval or disapproval). — PUBLICATION FREQUENCY — From its inception, Pesquisa e Ensino adopted the rolling pass system. The manuscripts are published after their approval and layout. The Expedient, containing Summary and Editorial, is published at the close of the volume. — OPEN ACCESS POLICY — Pesquisa e Ensino provides immediate free access to its content, following the principle that providing free scientific knowledge provides greater global democratization of science.
Licence Type :CC BY-NC
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