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The Romanian Military Medical System transformation strategy

Author : Constantin ?tefani, Daniel Aron
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Capsule endoscopy

Author : Raluca S. Costache
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The diagnosis of sepsis using POCT in the Emergency Department – Medical and legal implications

Author : Bogdan C. Teu?dea, Sebastian Dogaru, Florentina Ioni?a Radu
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Median arcuate ligament syndrome (Dunbar Syndrome)

Author : Crina Laslo, Anamaria Puiu, ?tefan Mardale, Iulian Raus, Cosmin Capu?an
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From liver biopsy to non-invasive markers in evaluating fibrosis in chronic liver disease

Author : Catalina Diaconu, Florentina Ioni?a Radu, Mariana Jinga, Petru? Nu?a, Sandica Bucurica, Bogdan Macadon, Mihai?a Patra?escu, Andrada Popescu, Vasile Balaban, Laura Voicu, Daniel O. Costache, Raluca S. Costache
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Surgical team and surgical communication

Author : Costin Dutu, A. Luchian, Elena Stârcu, Florin Savulescu
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Spondylodiskitis, etiology, diagnosis and treatment

Author : Cristian Banica, Ion Stefan
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A cholestatic syndrome may be a surprising cause of medical error

Author : M. Patra?escu, P. Nu?a, Raluca S. Costache, Sandica Bucurica, B. Macadon, Andrada Popescu, Mariana Jinga, Florentina Radu Ioni?a
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Romanian sanitary system assisted by knowledge management

Author : Daniel. O. Costache, Cosmin Dobrin, Ruxandra Dinulescu, Laura Voicu, Raluca S. Costache
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Paraneoplastic Cushing’s Syndrome in a patient with multiple tumors – case report

Author : Adina Mazilu; Mona Gheorghiu; Madalina Mu?at; N. Tanase; R. Petrescu; A. Ciuche; A. Tudose; Florina Vasilescu
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