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Influence of sediment from the Gullies in the development of erosion forms

Author : Roman Krávchenko
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Risk management in methodologies of information technology and communications projects

Author : Jonathan Carrillo
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Single echelon inventory strategies in spare parts supply chains

Author : Oswaldo Moscoso Zea
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The chemical substances and the neurotoxic effect on workers

Author : Rosa Morales, Adriana Barahona
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Transpiration effect on runoff in two types of forest of the coast mountains, southern Chile

Author : Gina Berrones, Carlos Oyarzún
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Naturalistic Engineering for risk prevention in two slopes in southern Quito

Author : Anita Argüello, Jimena Cumbicos, Claudia Mosquera, Jimmy Vicente-Reyes
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Current trends in context-aware applications

Author : Andrea Loayza, Rodrigo Proaño, Diego Ordóñez Camacho
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