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Implementation of laboratory practice with minimal cost

Author : Idalberto Tamayo Ávila, Luis Geovanny Pazmiño Bravo, Diego Fabián Valencia Alvear, Mayra Maiuxi Galván Paredes, Marcos Antonio Batista Zaldívar
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Sick building syndrome in blocks of an academic institution of higher education

Author : Fabián Ortiz Terán, Bolívar Haro Haro
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Improving productivity software through the adaptation of an agile development framework

Author : Ángel Fiallos Ordoñez
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Determinants of exposure to particulate matter in textiles

Author : Carlos Rosales, Jorge Viteri, Nadya Rivera, Raúl Comas
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Empirical approach for single attributes sampling plans design under normal inspection based on standards COVENIN 3133-1:2001 and MIL-STD-105E

Author : Mairett Rodríguez-Balza, Luis Pérez-Ybarra, William Quintana-Rivero
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Prediction of operational variables involved in the Production Process of Crude Oil by Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

Author : David Lowy, Geovanna Garrido, Vinicio Melo
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Association rules in computing the use of books in a university library

Author : María Alejandra Malberti Riveros, Raul Oscar Klenzi
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Using plukenetia volubilis (sacha inchi) to improve the nutritional components of burger

Author : Daniela Baldeón Clavijo, Francisco Velásquez Rodríguez, Jesús Eligio Castellanos Estupiñán
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Development tools to provide collaboration in Software Engineering

Author : Julio C. Caiza, Danny S. Guamán, Gabriel R. López
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