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Assessment and control of chemical risk from organic vapors for attendants in a gas station

Author : Stephanie Ehmig Santillán
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Design of a power amplifier for wireless communications using microstrip technology and Microwave Office

Author : Christian Tipantuña, José Antonio Estrada, Juan Carlos Estrada, Carla Parra
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Revision of the state of the art for the administration and improvement of the managerial processes

Author : Henrry Ricardo Cabrera, Alberto Medina León, Dianelys Nogueira Medina, Quirenia Núñez Chaviano
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Aspects and environmental impacts associated with the production of concrete

Author : Aura Navas de García, Rosa E. Reyes Gil, Luis E. Galván Rico
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Automatic delimitation of microwatershed using SRTM data of the NASA

Author : Freddy Aníbal Jumbo Castillo
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Potential use of vegetal Biomass as insulation in extreme climates of Ecuador

Author : Luis Velasco Roldan, Leonardo Goyos Pérez, Luis Freire Amores, Alexander Ibarra
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Formulation and characterization of a nutritional pumpkin-based whey beverages, enriched with oatmeal and passion fruit

Author : Alex Valencia, Liliana Acurio, Lander Pérez, Diego Salazar, Verónica Tamayo
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Characterization of residual biomass from the Arequipa region for the production of biofuels

Author : María Laura Stronguiló Leturia, Lynet Milagros Chacón Febres
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