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Determinaton of Volatile Aroma Components of Gyromitra Mushroom Using Headspace Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (HS-GC/MS)

Author : Hatıra Taşkın, Gökhan Baktemur, Ebru Kafkas, Saadet Büyükalaca
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Concentrations of Selected Metals In Some Ready-To-Eat-Foods Consumed in Southern Nigeria: Estimation of Dietary Intakes and Target Hazard Quotients

Author : Chukwujindu Maxwell Iwegbue, Sarah O Nwozo, Chukwudumebi L Overah, Francisca I Bassey, Godwin E Nwajei
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Current Situation, Problems and Solutions of Oil Crops in the Central Anatolian Region

Author : Sevgi Çalışkan
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The Effect of Udder Measurements on Somatic Cell Count and Daily Milk Production in Holstein Cattle

Author : Ayhan Ceyhan, Mahmut Çınar, Ugur Serbester
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Effect of Cottonseed Meal as Substitute for Soybean Meal on the Egg Production and Egg Quality in Breeder Japanese Quail Diets

Author : Arda Yıldırım, Ergin Öztürk
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Native insect pollinators in Apple orchards under different management practices in the Kashmir Valley

Author : Muzaffar Ahmad Ganie, Amit Kumar Pal, Nazeer Ahmad
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Determination of Water Quality Parameters in Sivas - Kurugöl Lake

Author : Ekrem Mutlu, Tuğba Demir, Banu Kutlu, Telat Yanık
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Organic Poultry Drinking Water Characteristics, the Importance in Nutrition and Practices for Enhancing the Quality of Water

Author : Hasan Eleroğlu, Arda Yıldırım, Ahmet Şekeroğlu
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