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Ozone Applications in Food Industry

Author : Elif Savaş, Hakan Tavşanlı, İlhan Gökgözoğlu
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Somatic Cell Count, Importance and Effect Factors in Dairy Cattle

Author : İbrahim Aytekin, Saim Boztepe
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Reproductive and Growth Characteristics During The First Age of Kıvırcık, Sakız and Gökçeada Indigenous Sheep Breeds

Author : Tamer Sezenler, Ertan Köycü, Yalçın Yaman, Ayhan Ceyhan, Mustafa Küçükkebapçı, Mehmet Akif Yüksel
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Effect of Nutrition on Biomechanical Properties of Bone in Laying Hens and Broilers

Author : Osman Olgun
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Traditional Turkish Fermented Cereal Based Products: Tarhana, Boza and Chickpea Bread

Author : Hasan Tangüler
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The Effects of Good Breeding Practices on Brucellosis Incidence in Kangal Akkaraman Sheep Flocks

Author : Yusuf Ziya Oğrak, Nevin Tuzcu, Besim Ercan Ocak
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Antioxidant Properties of Some Dried Fruits

Author : Bilge Ertekin Filiz, Atıf Can Seydim
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The Possibilities of Using By-Products from Olive Oil in Ruminant Feeding

Author : Mustafa Boga
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Production, Composition, and Health Effects of Oolong Tea

Author : İlkay Koca, Şeyda Bostancı
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