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Clinical assessment and implication of olfactory dysfunction in neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood and adulthood: A review of literature

Author : Yasin Yilmaz,Ezgi Ince,Halim Ugurlu,Alper Bas,Burak Tatli,Ibrahim Balcioglu
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Functional MRI as a preoperative predictor for memory performance following temporal lobectomy: A systematic review

Author : Merve Çebi,Baris Metin,Çigdem Özkara
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Attentional guidance by the contents of working memory and the N2PC component

Author : Fatma Keskin Krzan
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Melodic Intonation Therapy in an aphasic patient

Author : Sima Arslan,Eylem Özten,Gökben Hizli Sayar
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Efficacy of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing beyond complex post traumatic stress disorder: A case study of emdr in pakistan.

Author : Muhammad Sami Bilal, Mowadat Hussain Rana, Safi Ullah Khan
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Functional brain changes during Sema Meditation: Neuronal correlates and their associations with affective states

Author : Cumhur Tas,Rukiye Karaköse,Baris Metin,Gülçin N. Yildiz,Sehadet Ekmen,Elliot C. Brown,Nevzat Tarhan
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Bilateral Pedal Edema Associated with Olanzapine Treatment: A Case Report

Author : Hamiyet Ipek Toz,Dilek Meltem Tasdemir,Ürün Özer,Bahtiyar Toz,Güliz Özgen
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