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Somatic Diseases in Psychiatry: A Philosophical Overview

Author : Alper Evrensel,Mehmet Emin Ceylan
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A Speculation on the Mechanisms of ECT, TMS, tDCS and Similar Techniques

Author : Levon Antikacioglu,Nevzat Tarhan
Abstract | Full Text

Sertraline Induced Tremor

Author : N.A. Uvais,V.S. Sreeraj
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Comparison of Wavelet Families for Mental Task Classification

Author : Caglar Uyulan,Turker Tekin Erguzel
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Immune-Behavioral Changes After Pregestational Psychological Stress

Author : Meriem Haloui
Abstract | Full Text

Nonpharmacological Treatment Approach to Pain

Author : Selin Özcan,Gökben Hizli Sayar,Nevzat Tarhan
Abstract | Full Text

Functional MRI in feigned visual loss

Author : Aileen A. Antonio-Santos,Eric R. Eggenberger,David C. Zhu
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