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The Imperative Innovations in Healthcare Organizations

Author : Hüseyin Ari
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Project on Commissioning for Secondary and Primary Health Care in Turkey

Author : Aysegül Kaptanoglu, Anwar Khan
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The Correlation Between Burden of Disease and 8 Human Resource Indicators, 4 Technical Resource Indicators and 2 Infrastructure Indicators in 50 European and Central Asian Countries

Author : Dan Ioan Sava
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Lavender Phytopreprate for Local Analgesia Through Healthy or Damaged Skin

Author : L.T. Pirovski , Y. Staykova
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The Scale Development on Health Professionals’ Perceptions About Health Sector Privatization in Turkey

Author : Aysu Zekioglu, Aysegül Kaptanoglu, Dogancan Çavmak, Sait Söyler
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Approach to Material Evidences and Protection of Material Evidences in Emergency Healthcare Services

Author : Temel Kilinçli, Elif Mirza
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