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The Other: from ‘beast’ to ‘beauty’. Reflections on difference and representation.

Author : Sónia Marques
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Author : Victor Azevedo
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Remains and turns. Enduring crises of the postcolonial critique

Author : Elena Brugioni
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The education of the cherries: Who owns the responsibility of the postcolonial?

Author : Sheila Pereira Khan
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“The Storehouse for the pide not to see”: The context of Frantz Fanon’swretched of the earth first portuguese edition. An unpublished interview with Vitor Silva Tavares

Author : Rebeca Hernández
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On the particularities of postcolonial studies, or how postcolonialism has become obsolete

Author : Sandra Sousa
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Post-Colonial(ism): Epistemological intersections and their implications

Author : Luciano Nogueira
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“We are portugueses. Portuguese of India.”: Postcolonial identity in a stranger in Goa (2000), by José Eduardo Agualusa.

Author : Denise - Rocha
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