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General map of Bosnia and Herzegovina at scale 1:150 000

Author : Nedim Tuno, Admir Mulahusic
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The remains of the fortress Kaštel (Fenarlik) in cartographic sources of the 19th and 20th centuries

Author : Jusuf Topoljak, Nedim Tuno, Admir Mulahusic, Aladin Husic, Lidija Fekeža-Martinovic
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GNSS meteorology and tropospheric paramteres investigation

Author : Alma Tabakovic, Dževad Krdžalic, Medžida Mulic
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Geodesy from Mesopotamie to Global Geodetic Observing System

Author : Medžida Mulic, Esad Vrce, Džanina Omicevic , Eldin Ðonlagic
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Contribution on study possibilities in using instruments of different technical performances in establishing special purposes leveling networks in engineering geodesy

Author : Nihad Kapetanovic, Jusuf Topoljak, Admir Mulahusic, Ramiz Selmani
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Application of unmanned aerial vehicles in geodesy on the example of aerial photogrammetric system SenseFly eBee

Author : Amel Žilic
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Experience with the use of real estate cadastre database

Author : Ilma Dinar
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