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Mini review on efficient data structure for 3D modelling of polygonal mesh

Author : Nurhamiezrah MIDIN & Abdullah BADE
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Fractionation and crystallization of isotactic polypropylenes prepared using homogenous metallocene catalyst

Author : Ismael AMER, Touhami MOKRAN & Albert VAN REENEN
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An experimental study on evacuated tube solar collector using nanofluids

Author : Sabiha Monny AKTER, Saidur RAHMAN & Saad MEKHILEF
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Rapid detection of Allura Red (E129) based on chitosan/nanoparticles/MWCNTs modified gold electrode in food products

Author : Rovina KOBUN, Shafiquzzaman SIDDIQUEE & Sharifudin Md SHAARANI
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Copper toxic stress on Aloe barbadensis and its antioxidant response

Author : Ghim Hock ONG, Mustafa Omer AYA OMER & Subramaniam GEETHA
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Variations in suspended sediment yield and dynamics in catchments of differing land-use in Sabah

Author : Anand NAINAR, Kawi BIDIN, Rory P. D. WALSH, Robert M. EWERS & Glen REYNOLDS
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Removal of causative factors for sick building syndrome using air plants

Author : Yasuhiko KOIKE & Yozo MITARAI
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Dust fall in the residential air environment of northern part of Thailand: Chiang Mai, Lampang and Phitsanulok province

Author : Pajaree THONGSANIT & Witchaya IMKRAJANG
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