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Investigation of the influence of vibration oscillations in the processes of strengthening processing of machine parts

Author : Anatolii Dudnikov, Vladimir Dudnik, Oleksander Kanivets, Oleksandra Bilovod, Oleksii Burlaka
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Estimation of the drill pipes residual resource under the multiaxial stress state

Author : Bogdan Kopey, Volodymyr Artym, Iryna Rachkevych, Ruslan Rachkevych
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Laboratory research of the stress-strain state of the drill string in the local bend of the well

Author : Ruslan Rachkevych, Vasyl Ivasiv, Vasyl Bui, Lidi?a Yurych, Iryna Rachkevych
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Continual description of polycrystalline systems taking into account their structure

Author : Oleg Kuzin, Bohdan Lukiyanets, Nikolay Kuzin
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Investigation of electrophysical properties of nanomodified fireproof EVA polymer compositions

Author : Olena Chulieieva
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The development of the mathematical model of a nonlinear electrical circuit with an independent controllable electromechanical energy converter

Author : Mykola Ostroverkhov, Danylo Trinchuk
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Numerical investigation of the problem of nonlinear three-phase filtration

Author : Sardar Qasimov, Rashad Mammadov, Sevinj Karimova
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Diagnostics of the pre-fault situation of the bolted current-carrying joint in the conditions of changing regime parameters

Author : Valerii Kryvonosov
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