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Improvement of the enterprise infrastructure evaluation method

Author : Viktor Levykin, Ivan Iuriev
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Development of information technology for the automated construction and expansion of the temporal knowledge base in the tasks of supporting management decisions

Author : Oksana Chala
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Optimization of the method of constructing reference plans of multimodal transport problem

Author : Serhii Zabolotnii, Sergii Mogilei
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Approval of optimal pipeline`s cleaning methods according to multiphase flow patterns

Author : Petro Gorin, Dmytro Tymkiv, Mikhailo Bratakh, Oleksandr Filipchuk
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Rationalization of port infrastructure management during ice navigation

Author : Andrey Lysyy, Vitaliy Kotenko, Stanislav Yakovtsev
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Research of the of identification algorithm of control object of second-order links with a delay time

Author : Maryna Loriia
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Synthesis of towed underwater vehicle spatial motion automatic control system under uncertainty conditions

Author : Volodymyr Blintsov, Oleksandr Blintsov, Volodymyr Sokolov
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Methodological provision of human resources management in a multi-project environment

Author : Nataliia Dotsenko
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