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Effect of processing at the steel vacuum processing unit (SVPU) on desulfurization of unmodified and modified KP-2 steel

Author : Serhii Polishko
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Development of a method for obtaining sorbent from bagasse of sweet sorghum for neutralization of soil contamination by heavy metal ions

Author : Natalia Grygorenko, Lidia Kupchik, Nadezhda Stangeeva
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Optimization of the composition of fat systems of new generation

Author : Pavlo Nekrasov, Olga Gudz, Oleksandr Nekrasov, Tatyana Berezka
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Analysis of the research results of the zeolite drying process

Author : Vi?tor Marchevsky, Oleh Novokhat, Artem Margarian
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Analysis of the technological and morphological peculiarities of bronzed powders production from the swarf wastes

Author : Andrij Morozov
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Studying the process of phenol sulfomethylation in the technology of water soluble surfactants

Author : Nadiia Sokolenko, Elina Ruban, Yevgeniy Popov
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Influence of UV radiation in pre-sowing treatment of seeds of crops

Author : Anatoly Semenov, Gregory Kozhushko, Tamara Sakhno
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Research of influence of ultrasound on the extraction process of vegetable oil

Author : Volodimir Karachun, Ludmila Ruzhinska, Zhanna Ostapenko
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Investigation of influence of inulin made from cycoria on structural-mechanical properties of wheat dough

Author : Yulia Bondarenko, Olena Bilyk, Oksana Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Esma Khalikova, Albina Fain
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