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Construction of a model of strategic management of costs at the machine-building enterprise

Author : Lyba Shevtsiv, Yevgen Romaniv, Deniza Dolbneva
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The analysiss of impact of small and medium-sized enterprises on country innovation policy: Taiwan experience

Author : Inna Stecenko
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Chemical production modernization in the formative phase of Industry 4.0: study of trends and problems of investment support

Author : Hanna Shevtsova, Olha Maslosh
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Research and systematization of specific expressions of the adaptation of retail trade enterprise

Author : Victoria Grosul, Timur Askerov
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Research of practical aspects of the modeling of the risk tolerance management system of business models of restaurant business enterprise

Author : Olga Chatchenko
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Improvement of the model of the innovative development of the production system of industrial enterprises

Author : Ruslan Skrynkovskyy, Lyubomyr Sopilnyk, Nell? Heorhiadi, Sviatoslav Kniaz
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Assessment ?f entre?reneur?al r?sks ?n agr??ulture

Author : Olena Yehorova, Liudmyla Dorohan-Pysarenko, Liudmyla Chip, Marina Tyutyunnik
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