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Evolutional research of the banking system on the positions of compatibility, dynamicity and self-organization

Author : Natalia Tkachuk
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Analysis of the features of economic relations of the European Union with the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries

Author : Sylwia Nycz-Wojtan
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Calculation of the index of prerequisites for the functioning of the European insurance space in the context of integration directions of Ukraine

Author : Serhii Bunin
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Research of reserves of strengthening the income base of budgets of united territorial communities in decentralization conditions

Author : Oksana Kvasnytsia, Viktor Rusin
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Research of the formation and development of FabLab as a form of interaction of science and manufacture in Ukraine

Author : Vasyl Kozyk, Taras Danylovych, Oleksandra Mrykhina, Anatolii Havryliak
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Research of the gastronomic brand of Odesa and practical recommendations for solving key problems

Author : Dmytro Kharenko, Oksana Dyshkantiuk, Svitlana Salamatina, Iuliia Khalilova-Chuvaeva, Liliia Kovalenko
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Modeling the influence of inflation on the level of non-performing loans in Cyprus commercial banks

Author : Tatjana Ptasica
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Analysis of influence of factors on income tax in Ukraine

Author : Ljudmyla Shkulipa
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