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Improvement of tank for gas transportation in compressed condition and comparative evaluation criteria

Author : Andriy Dzhus, Andriy Yurych
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Improvement of thermotechnical properties of refrigerator’s evaporator using nanoparticles

Author : Valery Milowanov, Dmitriy Balashov
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Experimental studies of the grinding process by planetary grinding head

Author : Nikolai Kalinichenko
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Determination of the essential effect of modification in the composition of the combined vibration treatment technology on the mechanical properties of AK7 alloy

Author : Vadim Selivorstov, Nataliia Dotsenko, Yuri Dotsenko, Vadym Dotsenko
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Regulation of electrophysical properties of fireproof polymer compositions filled with hydromagnesite for cable products

Author : Olena Chulieieva, Volodymyr Zolotaryov
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Analysis of the special features of hydrodynamics in the boundary layer of the nozzle of the developed surface

Author : Vladislav Shybetsk?y, Serhii Kostyk
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Influence of ventilated enclosing structures on the regulation of house energy supply

Author : Oleksiy Lymarenko
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Development of methods of processing sensor signal

Author : Volodymyr Kvasnikov, Anatolij Perederko
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Analysis of the heat exchange processes of the remote measurement device of mechanical values

Author : Viacheslav Halytskyi
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