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Development of innovative learning technology in systems with dual processes

Author : Olga Morozova
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Analysis of the reliability of the information system of mass notification with «client-server» architecture and using google maps service

Author : Volodymyr Arutiunian
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Strategic audit of infrastructure projects and programs

Author : Sergey Bushuyev, Boris Kozyr, Alina Zaprivoda
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Development of data compressing coding methods on basis of binary binomial numbers

Author : Igor Kulyk, Olga Berezhna, Marina Shevchenko
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Analysis of the methods of measurement of the cylindrical gear involute

Author : Alexander Dihtievskiy, Volodymyr Kvasnikov
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Development of a method for selecting a way of raw material transportation from the offshore drilling platform to the onshore infrastructure

Author : Olga Akimova, Alexandra Kravchenko
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*Ensuring a specified reliability level of complex spectral-binary diagnostics by the «Quanton» method

Author : Igor Ogorodnyk
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Mathematical foundations of navigation parameters of the air transport by magnetominal circulation by using the method of least squares

Author : Oleksiy Pisarchyk, Olena Grinenko, Mariya Vasilieva, Kirill Lopatin
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