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Identification of the behavior of properties of a cold-hardening glass-liquid mixture with propylene-carbonate different in dosing components

Author : Oleg Akimov, Pavel Penzev, Dmytro Marynenko, Leonid Saltykov
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Improving the accuracy of classifying rules for controlling the processes of deculfuration and dephosphorization of Fe-C melt

Author : Mourad Aouati
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Research of operating mode of rhombic gravitational pneumatic classifier

Author : Mykola Yukhymenko, Ruslan Ostroha, Andriy Litvinenko, Yevhen Piddubnyi, Dmitry Zabitsky
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Intensification of wastewater purification of municipal solid waste landfills

Author : Maria Degtyar
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Investigation of solvent sublation of cobalt ions from water solutions

Author : Tetjana Obushenko, Nataliia Tolstopalova, Nadiya Baranuk
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Evaluation of the effect of industrial enterprises on the environment and efficiency evaluation of environmental protection on the example of «Tochpribor» LLC (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Author : Dmytro Makarenko, Daria Hliebova, Daria Hubina
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