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Improvement of the method of calculation of mechanical characteristics of a traction motor of direct current with combined excitation

Author : Ivan Kostenko
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Development of method of increasing accuracy of measuring angular velocity and acceleration of gyrostabilized platform

Author : Viktor Tsiruk
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Experimental study and modeling of partial discharge detection system

Author : Yevgeniy Trotsenko, Volodymyr Brzhezitsky, Olexandr Protsenko, Vadim Chumack, Yaroslav Haran
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Analysis and generalization of the results of an experimental research of the rechargeable batteries of self-guided electric torpedo CET-65 (USSR) in post-guarantee terms of exploitation

Author : Igor Biryukov, Alexey Biryukov, Oleksandr Shcheptsov
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Analysis of distribution laws of insulation indicators of high-voltage oil-fillled bushings of hermetic and non-hermetic execution

Author : Oleg Shutenko, Alexandra Zagaynova, Galina Serdyukova
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Influence of external factors on the process of hydrates development in laboratory conditions

Author : Nashwan Abdullah, Bohdan Kutnyi
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Study into energy efficiency of the drive of electric vehicles with an independent power supply depending on the configuration of the power source

Author : Mykola Ostroverkhov, Danylo Trinchuk
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