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Designing security of personal data in distributed health care platform

Author : Anatolii Petrenko, Roman Kyslyi, Ihor Pysmennyi
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Adaptive modelling for forecasting economic and financial risks under uncertainty in terms of the economic crisis and social threats

Author : Petro Bidyuk, Tatyana Prosyankina-Zharova, Oleksandr Terentiev, Mariia Medvedieva
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Investigation of backgrounds for the innovative development of the hospitality industry in various regions of Ukraine

Author : Ludmila Titomir, Olena Danylova
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Accounting of switching device errors for system with sliding redundancy based on dynamic fault tree

Author : Tetyana Stefanovych, Serhiy Shcherbovskykh
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Determination of investment accuracy and formation of information supply of geoecological monitoring of use of land

Author : Yulii? Radzinskaya, Anna Korniiets
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Investigation of laser rangefinders with sensor network interface

Author : Andrey Dudnik
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Research of 5-bit boolean functions minimization protocols by combinatorial method

Author : Volodymyr Riznyk, Mykhailo Solomko
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Development of generalized technique for formation of characteristic functions and Balyuba-Naidysh coordinates in the composition method of geometrical modeling

Author : Yevhen Adoniev, Andrii Naidysh, Viktor Vereschaga
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