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Analysis of modern approaches to the formation of the portfolio investor shares stock

Author : Ekaterina Kievskaya
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Modeling of regulation of the transport flow at the entrance on the bridge in the any logic environment

Author : Alexander Firsov, Anna Baloban
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Research of the conditions of using an experimental method for carrying out quality control and quantitative evaluation of the stability of radio electronic means to the impact of powerful electromagnetic radiation

Author : Oleksandr Fyk
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Mathematical modeling of curtain grouting parameters for the roadways flooding prevention

Author : Elena Serikova, Elena Strelnikova, Leonid Pisnia
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Development of the methodology of the choice of the route of work of platform supply vessels in the shelf of the seas

Author : Olga Akimova, Alexandra Kravchenko
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Modeling of the optimal composition of the enterprise technical development program

Author : Svitlana Onyshshenko, Anna Leontieva
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Minimization of conjunctive normal forms of boolean functions by combinatorial method

Author : Volodymyr Riznyk, Mykhailo Solomko
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