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Research of methods and technologies for determining the position of the mobile object in space

Author : Olga Nechyporenko, Yaroslav Korpan
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Development of information and analytical model of the stimulating internet marketing

Author : Tetiana Tykha
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Development of information technology of correlation analysis of tourist demand

Author : Khrystyna Lipyanina
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The introduction of intellectual system for evaluating professional abilities of applicants into the activities of educational institutions

Author : Bohdan Yeremenko, Yulia Ryabchun, Ganna Ploska
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Development of a discrete optimization operation solution information technologies based on swarm intelligence

Author : Vasyl Lytvyn, Dmytro Uhryn, Roman Olyvko, Yaroslav Borovets
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Development of the method for filtering verbal noise while search keywords for the English text

Author : Oleg Bisikalo, Alexander Yahimovich, Yaroslav Yahimovich
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Analysis of possibilities to use neural network for remote control of electronic devices

Author : Maksym Holikov, Pavlo Galkin
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Investigation of road train divergent stability loss when moving along a program trajectory

Author : Vasyl Popivshchyi, Anatoliy Bezverkhyi, Dmitry Tatievskyi
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