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Improvement of the express diagnostics of the production activity of the enterprise taking into account the method of determining the optimal production programs in the operational management system

Author : Ruslan Skrynkovskyy, Nataliya Pavlenchyk, Fedir Horbonos, Tetiana Protsiuk
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Research of problem aspects in the accounting of settlements with the internet shop buyers

Author : Vasyl Byelozertsev, Olha Prokhvatylo
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Selection of horizon for forecasting innovative development of industrial enterprise

Author : Sergey Voit, Dmitriy Alimov
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Determination of motivation growth of labor migration: evolution, modern content

Author : Viktoriia Kabai
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Financial services for enterprises: analysis of logistic nature and customer value attributes

Author : Svetlana Vinokhodova
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Research of the preconditions of forming a digital strategy of the enterprise to ensure its competitiveness

Author : Lolita Zakharchenko, Mohammad Hazrat
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