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Research of theoretical and practical aspects of decentralization as a new management system in Ukraine

Author : Oleksii Holubchak, Liliana Horal, Svitlana Korol
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Development of a methodology for creating adaptive energy efficiency clusters of the architecture and construction industry

Author : Petro Kulikov, Maxim Mykytas, Svitlana Terenchuk, Yurii Chupryna
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Determination of the directions of improving the organizational structure on the example of the acting village council

Author : Yuliia Shatokhina, Irina Khovaylo
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Research of the informatization process development of the countries of the world

Author : Vitalina Babenko, Anna Perepelytsia
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Analisys of global aspect of formation of institutional innovative strategies

Author : Vitaliy Omelyanenko
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Analysis of the place of Ukraine in the European tourist space

Author : Yaroslava Sklyarenko
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Research of banks participation in crediting the needs of innovative development of industry in Ukraine

Author : Diana Zavadska
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