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Genetic studies on sow productivity traits of large white yorkshire crossbred pigs

Author : Gurudutt Sharma1 , J.S. Arora , Dhirendra Kumar , Vikas Mahajan and M.S. Thakur
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Identification of microsatellite DNA markers in Labeo bata for genetic variability studies

Author : Amrita Anand1 , Gurudayal Ram1* and Pramod Washudev Ramteke2
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Identification and analysis of metabolic pathways in A. thaliana & E. coli

Author : Prashant Ankur Jain, A. K. Gupta , Krishna Misra and Satendra Singh
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Antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil

Author : Puja Kumari
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Optimization of SCP production of Aspergillus niger using different fruit peels

Author : Akhilesh Bind* Manish Kumar and Divya Singh
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Computational epitope prediction and docking studies of glycoprotein- G in Nipah virus

Author : Pramod Kumar Yadav1*and Mudit Mishra2
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Prediction of miRNA targets affected proteins and their homologs in Mouse gammaherpesvirus68

Author : Budhayash Gautam1 *, Pramod Katara2 , Anshu Choudhary1 , Gulshan Wadhwa3 and Satendra Singh
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Advances in Antibody Phage Display – A review

Author : Valencio F. Salema and Lalit Saxena
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Structure prediction of drug target identified by metabolic pathway analysis of Streptococcus pyogenes

Author : Neetu Singh , Himanshi Kanojia ,Satendra Singh , Deepak Kumar Verma2 , Budhayash Gautam and Gulshan Wadhwa
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