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Taxonomy of Scheduling Algorithms

Author : Abhilash Sharma, Anjali Sen
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Comprehensive Study of Flow to Program FPGA Kit Using VHDL

Author : Neelam Chaudhary, Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar
Abstract | Full Text

Comparative Study and Designing of Look Ahead Carry Adder and Ripple Carry Adder

Author : Vinay kumar, Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar
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An Effective Approach to Resolve Multicollinearity in Agriculture Data

Author : M. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Dr. P.Balasubramanyam, Prof. M. Subbarayudu
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Influence of Trust in Espousal of E-Banking in India

Author : Tejinder Pal Singh Brar, Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi
Abstract | Full Text

Technology Convergence for Rural Development – Evidence from India

Author : Dr. Dhiraj Sharma
Abstract | Full Text

Designing Microstrip Band Reject Filter with Wide Bandwidth Covering S Band to C Band Using IE3D

Author : Sudipta Das
Abstract | Full Text

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