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The concept of perfection in the Aristotle’s Psychology

Author : Hasan Abasi HasanAbadi
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Hakim Sabzevari on the Possibility of Rational Knowledge of God

Author : Mohammad Hadi Tavakoli; Azam Ghasemi
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The Metaphor of True Being as an Invariant Existent In the views of Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra

Author : Vahid Khademzadeh
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The Ontological and Epistemological aspects of the Quranic Concept of ‘Earth Transformation’ from the Viewpoint of Mulla Sadra

Author : Abbas Javareshkyan; Ali Ghafarpor; Alireza Kohansal
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Dr. Nasr on Islamic Architecture and its Features; Review and Criticism

Author : Amirhossein farshchian; Morteza Shajari
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Plotinus and Suhrawardi on Immortality

Author : Batool Ahmadi; Froozan Rasekhi
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The Ontological and Soulological Place of Imagination In Transcendental Philosophy

Author : Azam Mardiha; Seyed Morteza Hosseini Shahroudi
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