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The effect of education based on self-efficacy theory on self-care behaviors in patients with heart failure in Shahid Modarres Hospital in Kashmar

Author : Nooshin Peyman, Zohreh Zadehahmad, Hasan Doosti
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Prioritizing pre-hospital and hospital emergency staff’s training needs regarding traffic accidents: Comparing the viewpoints of experts and target group

Author : Mohtasham Ghaffari, Hamid Soori, Samira Mohammadi, Javad Harooni
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Which dimensions of Health Literacy predict the adoption of smoking preventive Behaviors?

Author : Rahman Panahi, Ali Ramezankhani, Ali Asghar Haerimehrizi, Mahmoud Tavousi, Mania Khalilpour Darestani, Shamsaddin NIknami
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Fe2+/Persulfate / Clinoptilolite, catalytic oxidative treatment, as a cost effective process for Isocyanate and Meta Toluene Diamine Petrochemical unit wastewater

Author : Mohsen Sadani, Mahdi Khajeh, Hamide Tajodini, Fahime Teimouri, Abbas Akbari, Mansour Sarzafraz
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Organizational culture of selected teaching hospitals of Tehran

Author : Ali Mohammad Mosadeghrad, Mobin Sokhanvar
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