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Identification of occupational accidents reporting components and developing a new national pattern for recording and reporting occupational accidents

Author : Mostafa Abbasizade, Yaser shekoohi, Adel Mazlomi, Mostafa Hoseini, Mostafa Meshkati
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Risk assessment of local effects for Printing machine operators of a selected industry by RISK OF DERM method

Author : Rezvan zandehdel, Abouzar Eynipour
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Study of CFSES software compliance with Iranian national standards for fire safety assessment of commercial complexes

Author : Sahel Khak kar, Mohammad Ranjbarian, Mostafa Pouyakian
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Risks management of Tube Bundle heat exchanger in the petrochemical industries using the Risk-Based Inspection approach

Author : Behnam Moradi, Reza Khani Jazani, Hamzeh Gheisvandi, Ghazaleh Monazami
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Validation of a method to assess occupational exposure to tert-buthyl mercaptan by gas chromatography- mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

Author : Rezvan Zendedel, Seyed Mohammad Sadat, Farzad kobarfard, Samira Eslamizad
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Smoking Literacy and its possible dimensions

Author : Rahman Panahi, Mohammad Anbari
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