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Survey of calcium oxide as a heterogenous catalyst for biodiesel production from restaurant waste frying oil

Author : Nadali Alavi, Akbar Eslami, Monire Majlessi, Najmeh Masihi
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Factors associated with breakfast consumption based on Social Cognitive Theory in primary school students in Marivan City, 2017

Author : Rahman Panahi, Fatemeh Sadr Hashemi, Erfan Javanmardi, Fayegh Yousefi, Khaled Rahmani, Naseh Ghaderi, Omid Zarei Vero
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COD removal and decolorization efficacy of ozonation process in spiral high pressure super mixing reactor for treatment of alcohol distilleries wastewater

Author : AhmadReza Yazdanbakhsh, Akbar Eslami, Mehrnoosh Abtahi, Mohammad Danandeh oskouie
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The study of Self-care agency and some associated factors in patients with type 2 diabetes referred to the diabetes clinic of Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj in 2016

Author : Zahed Rezaei, Naseh Ghaderi, Elham Nouri, Mohammad Aram Ahmadi, Ebrahim Ghaderi, Nadia Shakiba, Mohammad Anbari, Rahman Panahi
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A survey of clinical governance success in Khozestan province

Author : Ali Mohammad Mosadeghrad, Farahnaz Sadoughi, Moloud ghorbani
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