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Effect of Particle Size Palm Shell and Hydrolyc Pressure on Quality Biobriquette

Author : Djoko Purwanto
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Dimensional Stability of Fast Growing Teak and Jabon Woods by Chemical Densification

Author : Efrida Basri & Jamal Balfas
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Treatability of Six Wood Species from West Java and Riau

Author : Krisdianto Didik Ahmad Sudika Ahmad Wahyudi & Mohammad Muslich
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Charcoal Quality of Six Wood Species from West Java as Dry Distillated Product

Author : Novitri Hastuti Gustan Pari Dadang Setiawan Mahpudin Saepuloh
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Characteristics of Bio-oil From Gelagah Grass (Saccharum spontaneum Linn.) by Fast Pyrolysis Process

Author : Santiyo Wibowo & Djeni Hendra
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Auxiliary Tools of Log Hauling Truck to Reduce Slipped Wheel on Soil Road Without Paving

Author : Yuniawati Dulsalam Maman Mansyur Idris Sona Suhartana & Sukadaryati
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Decay Tests on Five Wood Species Fastened with Metal Screw

Author : Sihati Suprapti & Djarwanto
Abstract | Full Text

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