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Productivity, Efficiency and Felling Cost of Intensive Silviculture at One Logging Company in East Kalimantan

Author : Dulsalam, Sukadaryati, & Yuniawati
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The Effect of Charcoal and Liquid Smoke on Gyrinops sp. Seedlings Growth

Author : Gusmailina, Sri Komarayati, & Heru S. Wibisono
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Quality Classification of 11 Indonesian Rattan Species Based on Density and Bending Strength)

Author : Rohmah Pari, Abdurachman, Jasni & Titi Kalima
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Log Tracking for Timber Legal Verification Test on Natural Forest Timber Harvesting

Author : Soenarno & Satria Astana
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Chemical Composition and Natural Durability of Eight Wood Species Tested Under the Shade

Author : Heru S. Wibisono Jasni & Wa Ode Muliastuty Arsyad
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Synthesis of Tannin Resorcinol Formaldehyde Adhesive from Mangium Bark Extract for Improving Quality of Oil Palm Trunks

Author : Okti Rachmawati Purwantiningsih Sugita & Adi Santoso
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