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ase report: active progressive based on clinical practice learning (apb-c)

Author : Arturo José Parada Baños
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Thromboelastographyguided transfusion therapy in a pregnant patient with hemorrhagic dengue fever hospitalized in icu. Case report

Author : Rojas, J., Molano-Franco, D., Jiménez, T., Valencia, A., Leal, R., Méndez, P., Nieto, V., & Hernández, D.
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Stump appendicitis in a 2 year-old patient. Case report and literature review

Author : Ramírez, A., Fierro, F., Holguín, D., & Méndez, M.
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Accurate Diagnose and management of advanced nasal type extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma. A case Report.

Author : Romero Moreno, L., Ramos-Valencia, L., Parra-Charris, J., & Ángel-Obando, R.
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Infected pulmonary infarction. Case report

Author : Sierra Umaña, S., Garcés Arias, A., Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, A., López Donato, D., Patiño Unibio, L., Velásquez Gaviria, L., Salazar Franco, L., Salinas Mendoza, S., Sáenz Pérez, L., & Castillo Rodríguez, C.
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Envenomation caused by the bite of the snake Bothriechis schlegelii. Report of two cases in Colombia

Author : Mario Galofre Ruiz
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