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Technology in the Accounting Classroom: Practitioner Expectations and Educator Practices

Author : Amber Gray, CPA, MSA.Stacey Todaro, PhD
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Structural Change and Forecasting of Agricultural Commodity Realized Volatilities

Author : Mario A. Ortez, Glynn T. Tonsor
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The High Costs of Capital Appreciation Bonds and Intertwined Bond Usage: Evidence from Puerto Rico

Author : Dr. Jim Estes,Brandy Hadley, Ph.D.
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Optimization (Efficient Allocation) of Students’ Desired Statistics Lab Hours: An Application with Weights and Frequencies

Author : Mohammad I. Chowdhury
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Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Indochina: A holistic approach

Author : Doan Thi Thanh Hoa,Prof. Jan-Yan Lin
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Transportation in Kazakhstan and its Economic Implications

Author : Krishan Rana, Ph.D.
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The Need for Certified Deaf Interpreters and Deaf Advocates in the Criminal Justice System

Author : Dr. Kristin Lizor, Dr. Patricia Stoudt,
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