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The Highly Skilled Maghrebians "on the move": A Circular Cross-border Dynamic from the Mediterranean

Author : Emmanuel Cardona Gil, Hicham Jamid, Linda Gardelle
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Social Europe as a Multilevel Governance: The Italian Perspective

Author : Andrea Ciampani
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To Re-educate oneself to Citizenship within the Cultural Pluralism

Author : Elvira Martini, Francesco Vespasiano
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Beyond the Disciplinary Borders : A New Challenge

Author : Giuseppe D Angelo, Emiliana Mangone
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The Cultural Borders of Citizenship in a Multicultural Society

Author : Pierpaolo Donati
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Review of: Gastone Breccia, Guerra all’ISIS. Diario dal fronte curdo [Waging War on ISIS: Diary from the Kurdish Front]. Bologna: il Mulino, 2016

Author : Flavia Monceri
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Algeria post Arab Spring: The Forced Virtualisation of the Borders

Author : Louisa Dris-Ait Hamadouche
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Crossing Linguistic Borders: Translating Democracy in the 2012 Egyptian Constitution

Author : Barbara Quaranta
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