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Intercultural Complexity of the Southern Mediterranean: Arab-Mediterranean Perceptions and Outlooks

Author : Mohieddine Hadhri, Emiliana Mangone
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The Interference of the Mass media in the Intercultural Dialogue during the Emergency Landings in the Mediterranean: Between Reality and Representation

Author : Francesca Ieracitano, Francesco Vigneri
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Intercultural Dialogue and Ethical Challenge in the Latin-American Thought

Author : Victor Martin Fiorino
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Fostering Interculturality in Urban Ethnic Neighbourhoods: Opportunities and Limits of the Responsible Tourism Approach

Author : Melissa Moralli
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Communication for Cultural Integration: The Case of a Secondary Reception Centre

Author : Rosanna Tammaro, Marika Calenda, Iolanda Sara Iannotta, Concetta Ferrantino
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Picking Up the Brush for Emperors and Sultans. Imperial Portraits as Representations of Power in The Early Modern Mediterranean (Ca. 1450-Ca. 1650)

Author : Zeynep Olgun
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Report on Migrants and Refugees across Europe. How to share the challenge for a shared world of peace. International Seminar. Rome 27-29 April 2016

Author : Erminio Fonzo
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