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Driving Reflections about the Mediterranean Migrations

Author : Teresa De Noronha, Emiliana Mangone
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The Settler Colonial Paradigm and the Israeli Official Narrative: an Example of Elimination of the Natives

Author : Anna Maria Brancato
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Some Indicators for the Analysis of Interculturality in Italy

Author : Gabriella D Ambrosio, Veronica Pastori
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The Roles of the Civil Society and International Humanitarian Organisations in Managing Refugees Crisis in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

Author : Mehari Fisseha
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A Third Wave of Remembering the Mediterranean Sea as a Septic Tank

Author : Victor J. Vitanza
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The Representation of Terror and Moral Panics: The Media Frames of the European press

Author : Emanuela Pece
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Review of Franco Ferrarotti, La vocazione del Mediterraneo, Chieti, Solfanelli, 2018

Author : Nicolamaria Coppola
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