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Review of Georgios Theotokis & Aysel Yildiz (eds.), A Military History of the Mediterranean Sea. Aspects of War, Diplomacy and Military Elites, Leiden, Brill, 2018, pp. XV+473.

Author : Massimo Siani
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Challegens of Migration in Context of Cosmopolitan Citizenship

Author : Flor Maria Avila Hernández
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The Great Distance between the Written and the Living Constitution for Migrants and Refugees in the Mediterranean Territory

Author : Fernanda Navas-Camargo, Myriam Sepúlveda López
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I was a Stranger and you Welcomed me". The Papal Magisterium and Human Mobility from Leo XIII to Paul VI (1878-1978)

Author : Francesco Ferrari
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From an Ethic of Hospitality: Reflections on Democracy, Citizenship and Migrations

Author : Victor Martin Fiorino
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Human Rights, Right of Asylum, Refugees. Migrant’s Dignity as a Common Good

Author : Luigi Di Santo
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Pan-Islamism. Attempt of Political Islam in the Restoration of Caliphate a Century after its Abolition in 1924

Author : Hossein Alizadeh
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The Evaluation Process as a Model of Social Determinism

Author : Iolanda Sara Iannotta, Concetta Ferrantino, Maria Tiso
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