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Sport and Integration of the Migrants. Some Considerations

Author : Giuseppe D Angelo
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Mixed Marriages: The Italian Case Study

Author : Gabriella D Ambrosio, Veronica Pastori
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Integration by Sport Activities: Resource or Only a Paradox?

Author : Giovanna Russo
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Civilization and Sport in Colombia’s Drive to Modernization

Author : Javier Torres Velasco
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Intercultural Dialogue and Integration of Migrants through Sport. Experiences in Campania region

Author : Erminio Fonzo
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From Third Generation Rights to Collective Intelligence. Environmental protection in Brazil and Italy

Author : Regiane Aparecida Costa Nozaki, Giovanna Truda
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Ruspini, E., Bonifacio, G.T. & Corradi, C., Women and Religion: Contemporary and future challenges in the Global Era, Bristol, Policy Press, 2018, pp. X+242

Author : Stellamarina Donato
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Report of the Conference Eva e le altre, University of Salerno 15-17 May 2019

Author : Carmen Moccia
Abstract | Full Text

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