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Counteracting dominant discourses about migrations with images. A typology attempt

Author : Elsa Claire Gomis
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Representation, Empathy and Identification - Negotiating Power and Powerlessness in Art on Migration

Author : Erik Berggren
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Borders kill. Tania Bruguera’s Referendum as an artistic strategy of political participation

Author : Melissa Moralli, Pierluigi Musarò, Paola Parmiggiani
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Invisible affections and socialization to the sexuality of lesbians . A case study in Italy

Author : Giuseppe Masullo
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Ai Weiwei and JR - Political Artists and Artist Activists

Author : Abby Peterson
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Art as a trigger for reflection in sociolinguistic migration research

Author : Katrin Ahlgren
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Conversation about films Altered Landscapes (2016) and The People behind the Scenes (2019)

Author : Juan del Gado, Elsa Claire Gomis
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Review of Picarella, L. & Truda, G. (Eds.), Fundamental Rights, Gender, Inequalities. Vulnerability and Protection Systems, Gutenberg, Baronissi (SA), 2019

Author : Cristobal Padilla Tejeda
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