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Review of Luca Tateo, A theory of Imagining, Knowing and Understanding, Cham (Switzerland), Springer, 2020, pp. 1-97

Author : Guilherme Arinelli, Juliana Soares de Jesus, Maura Assad Pimenta Neves
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Review of Guido Gili & Giovanni Maddalena, The History and Theory of Post-Truth Communication, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, pp. 110

Author : Marco Stefano Birtolo
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Families and Intergenerational Relations in Migration: Challenges and Opportunities

Author : Isabella Crespi
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Family Migration and Education Mobility. Pathways to Success in Autobiographies of Moroccan-Origin Girls Pathways to Success in Autobiographies of Moroccan-Origin Girls

Author : Mariagrazia Santagati
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Gender Dualism between Platitudes and Half-truths

Author : Elvira Martini, Carmen Vita
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Transnational families’ experiences. A research on generations of Italians living in Belgium

Author : Marta Scocco
Abstract | Full Text

The Transnational Food Network of the Italian American Families Business, Gender and Generation at the beginning of the XX century

Author : Federico Chiaricati
Abstract | Full Text

How does Informal Transnational Social Protection Bond Families Across Borders? The Case of Albanian Migrants and their Transnational Families

Author : Elona Dhëmbo
Abstract | Full Text

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