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Analytical evaluation of technical and operational indicators impact on the transportation technology by automobile trailers

Author : Oleh Tson
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Analysis of the interaction of participants freight forwarding system

Author : Pavlo Popovych, Svitlana Shyriaieva, Ninel Selivanova
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Ways of improvement of the city road network functioning

Author : Volodymyr Dzyura
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Conceptual and methodological approaches to evaluation of investment attractiveness of enterprises engaged in transportations

Author : Olha Myshkovych
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Prospects on Ukrainian logistics market orientation for international customers

Author : Olena Karpenko, Svitlana Kovalchuk, Oksana Shevchuk
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Solving the problem of elasticity for round thick plates at axially symmetric strain

Author : Oleksiy Hvertsev, Ninel Selivanova
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The role of legal regulation and place of international organisations in transport companies’ development at foreign market

Author : Oleh Lyashuk, Valentyna Kuzmych, Viktoria Lototska
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Resource-efficient intelligent transportation systems as a basis for sustainable development. Overview of initiatives and strategies

Author : Yuriy Vovk
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