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Tele-Evaluation based on quality and quantity of hemiplegic children movements

Author : M. Elsaeh, M. Djemai, M. Bouri
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Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on faba bean (Vicia faba L.) growth and the response of symbiotic rhizobia with faba bean to some environmental factors in sandy lands

Author : Nazar Nasreldeen Babiker Elnesairi, Mohemed Essalem Emhemed Essalem
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Abstract booklet of the first virtual international conference for electronic education, Sabha University 2020

Author : Conference Processing
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The feasibility of using the Microsoft KinectTM to measure the degree of movements’ precision for affected upper limbs motion of children with hemiplegia in home-based therapy: Feasibility study

Author : Mohammed Elsaeh
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A comparative study on the prevalence of microcytic anemia and associated age of anemic patients from Benghazi city

Author : Tarek A. Guseibat , Mona M. said
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The Evaluation of Brass and Low Carbon Steel Corrosion in Gabraun Water

Author : Abdussalam Abdallah Mohammed Gebril , Ali Elzarog Ali
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The Status of Crisis Management in Higher Education in Libya: A field Study on Sebha University

Author : Abdalmunaem Saleh Abuenniran Igrirah, Enbaia Salah Ali Alafaid
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The Absorption of Nanomaterial Thin Films at Liquid Liquid Interface

Author : Enteisar M. Albrasi
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